?KODA Fleet

Solution to all needs

?KODA offers solutions to the fleet customers with all sorts of requirements. It doesn’t matter whether your company operates globally or just in one country, we can always prepare a solution which perfectly answers all your needs. The ?KODA cars are sold in more than 106 countries of the world and our wide portfolio of products and services enables us to tackle any task, from basic renewal of company’s garage to building a whole new fleet.

What makes ?KODA cars special to fleet customers?

Thanks to their unique qualities, the ?KODA cars rank among the most popular on the company market. While fleet managers will be impressed by the low running costs and high residual value, the drivers themselves will appreciate especially the safety, roominess, comfort and performance. The combination of all these virtues is what makes the ?KODA offer so extraordinary.

How to Become our Customer

Every company has its specific requests and needs, which can only be fully satisfied with a custom tailored solution. Our long experience with sales to fleet customers, together with the possibility to choose from wide model range, make us the ideal partner to fulfill all your wishes and demands.

International clients, who are interested in cooperation in two or more countries, can contact us directly:

Global Fleet Sales Team

T?. Václava Klementa 869,
293 60 Mladá Boleslav,
Czech Republic


National companies
, please contact our fleet representative for your country. Continue to your national ?KODA websites.

?KODA Importers

Used Cars you can trust. Guaranteed.

At ?KODA we are committed to changing and improving the way we sell our used cars. In a nutshell, we want our customers who buy a used car to have the same easy and enjoyable experience as our new car customers. To receive the same care and attention, to feel the same level of confidence and to have the same basic pleasure in buying a ?KODA.

Fundamentally, buying an Approved Used ?KODA is about confidence and flexibility. Confidence in the history of the car, the quality of the car and the fact that it is the right car for you. And flexibility in deciding on the specification of your car, the extras that you actually want and the flexibility to change your mind if you don’t get it right the first time.